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Curating our fragrance collection is among the most difficult of tasks here at Li'l T.

As an online store we require our customers to purchase without smelling first. This is a big ask, and we don't take it lightly. The staff here smell their way through (literally) hundreds of fragrance brands each year and select just a few to stock. Each with their own unique style and features, the brands we offer have all earnt their place here and we trust you won't be disappointed no matter which you choose.

Aromabotanical - A small selection of punchy fragrances, we love Aromabotanical's Fragrant discs - We have them in our cars, bathrooms, walk-in robes and (ahem) our knicker drawers - we can't get enough!

ECOYA - We love the perfectly balanced fragrances of ECOYA. Soft, refined scents easily filling large living spaces. All available in many sizes and and styles, you can have your favourite ECOYA fragrance flow throughout your entire home (and your body).

Elume - Wax melts to die for! We have a small yet carefully selected offering of Elume’s top fragrances. These are (in our humble opinions) The best value melts out there. Just half a melt can fill the largest of spaces.

Mor - If presentation is important, this is the go-to range. An absolute stunning collection and our favourite for gifting. A special mention goes to the Marshmallow collection - A vast range of one particular scent. Once you start using it, you will understand why – It is simply Mor’ish!

Tilley Soaps - A classic and affordable range that punches well above its weight in its price class. Offering a huge collection of fragrances both classic and modern - We love their Floral scents, mastered over a whopping 150 years of soap making.

Yankee Candle - The absolute leaders at replicating real world scents and turning them into candles. Bakery Air, Cappuccino Truffle and Fresh Cut Roses are amoung our favorites.

Woodwick - Made famous by their unique wick that crackles as it burns this range can make any room feel like a log cabin in wintertime. While we love the wicks, we LUUUURVE their ability to fill the largest of living spaces within minutes of lighting. (Especially so with the sweeter scents such as Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean.)


Elume Soy Wax Melt - Gardenia


Homedics Ellia Essential Oil 15ml - Orange Homedics Ellia Essential Oil 15ml - Orange


Ecoya Car Diffuser - French Pear Ecoya Car Diffuser - French Pear


Ecoya Car Diffuser - Lotus Flower Ecoya Car Diffuser - Lotus Flower


Candle - Get Well Candle - Get Well


Homedics Ellia Essential Oil 15ml - Lemon Homedics Ellia Essential Oil 15ml - Lemon


MOR Marshmallow Room Spray 90ml