We are proud to offer an extensive selection of Confirmation gifts to suit all styles and budgets.

Catholic Patron Saints: As this is the time our children decide on their confirmation names, we have created a large offering of patron saints to serve as inspiration and guide the recipient in living a holy life.

Pocket Tokens: We have pocket tokens to represent each patron saint as well as specific verses. These make beautiful confirmation keepsake gifts that can be carried with the child anywhere they go.

Rosary Beads: Rosary beads and Rosary boxes also serve as ideal confirmation gifts that can be treasured through each stage of life. Rosary beads are often blessed by the Bishop on the day.

Devotional Candles: These also make meaningful, low cost gifts specific to the child’s chosen saint. They can also be used during the celebration or as table decorations.

For those who are not themselves catholic, gift giving at this time can be confusing and a little daunting. For such people, we recommend Willow Tree Angels. These make beautiful keepsake gifts for confirmations, particularly ‘A Tree a prayer’ and “Angel of prayer’

Parchment Trinket Box with Cross Parchment Trinket Box with Cross


Pocket Token - Faith


Pocket Token - Footprints


Pocket Token - Reconciliation


Pocket Token - With God


Zipper Rosary Purse - White


Devotional Candle - Divine Mercy


Devotional Candle - Saint Joseph


Confirmation Heart Plaque


Companion Coin - Hail Mary Companion Coin - Hail Mary


Confirmation Plaque - Chalice


Confirmation Plaque - Dove


Glass Plaque - Confirmation Glass Plaque - Confirmation


Stretch Bracelet - Blessed


Stretch Bracelet - Cross


Stretch Bracelet - Fish


Confirmation Love Heart Frame


Crystal Block - Confirmation


Wooden Rosary With Crosses


Confirmation Love Heart Photo Box


Love Heart Box - Bless This Child


Metal Bookmark With Ribbon - Knee-mail


Bookmark Blessings - Confirmation


Jewellery Box With Cross - White Jewellery Box With Cross - White


Message in Light - Confirmation Message in Light - Confirmation


Sweet As A Bear - Confirmation


Wooden Confirmation Sign


Confirmation Money Box - Brown